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Intro Mix Episode 13 feat. Dark Horse

DjBTurnin mixes & mashes up some of the latest Pop & Hip Hop hits featuring Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ for the listeners of the @goldieandoshow ( This episode is called ‘Why Get Married?’ Take a listen…


Bad Boy Records Mix Episode 13

Brotha O wants to hear a mix celebrating Diddy and Bad Boy Records. This is a challenge for the mixmaster so let’s see what DjBTurnin has in store for the listeners of the @goldieandoshow ( This episode is called ‘Why Get Married?’ Take a listen…

Goldie & O Show Launch Event (Photos)

Goldie & O Show Launch Event took place at Busboys & Poets. 5th and K St on 3.30.14. Adam Butler and Alorie Clark joined the guys to promote positive conversations amongst the sexes.  ‪#‎EndtheDisconnect‬  ‪#‎ImSingleBecause‬
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Episode 13: Why Get Married?


Getting married implies that something bigger than both of you is bringing you together. Is marriage the final piece of the puzzle to a happy and complete life? And are we more concerned with perfect wedding or a successful marriage?


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Wedding or the Marriage?


There is so much excitement when it comes to weddings  Just look at the spectacle of the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humpries wedding that only lasted 72-days.  So many knew it wouldn’t last yet millions still tuned in and even cried.  The chances of success in a marriage is already 50/50 so why do we put more effort planning the wedding than figuring out how to make it work?  It is amazing how many people forego marriage counseling because it is ‘too expensive’ but will spend so much money on the wedding.  Is it just an item to check off the bucket list or is it something meant to last?

As the saying goes, “every little girl dreams about her wedding day.”  Although this may not be true in every case, most women will say it was very important to them growing up.  And rightfully so, girls want to find their prince charming, have that fairy tale life, and live happily ever after.  But why is the one day celebration such a huge spectacle?  Has it become the showcase to family, friends and the world that ‘I have made it?’  Look, it’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a really nice wedding to commemorate your love and union with your closest family and friends.  Just remember, that feeling you have on your wedding day.  You should strive to mimic that feeling throughout the marriage and that takes more effort and commitment getting know about each other than putting on a really nice wedding production. Get individual and marriage counseling, take your time to get to know the good and bad about each other, and be committed to focusing on the little things.  Be sure to give you and your future spouse the best chance for the marriage to last a very lifetime.

What’s more important the wedding or the marriage?


–Brian Turner aka Goldie of the Goldie and O Show

Is Marriage the Right Answer?


So many live for the opportunity to find that ideal partner and get married.  Some feel that marriage is the final piece of the puzzle to a happy/complete life.  But why?

The divorce rate is rising and the US marriage rate is at an all-time low.  

“51% of Americans over the age of 18 are married today.  That number is the lowest in recorded history—down 7% from 2000 and 21% from 1960 when 72% of Americans were married. It’s expected that within just a few years, the societal norm will flip and married people will become the minority.”

Yet so many still are ready to be married, even the ones who have gone through a divorce. In a society where people are taught to be individuals and groomed to do things on their own way, why be alarmed at the high divorce rate?  

It takes a big sacrifice for two INDIVIDUALS to unite and since so many have been trained to do things on their own, it’s hard for them to join forces successfully.  Taking into consideration how hard marriage truly is and factoring in the alarming statistics, why do so many get married after only knowing someone for a short amount of time?  If this is supposed to be the partner for a lifetime, why not take enough time to get to know the ‘real person’ prior to entering into any legal agreement?  

Are we more concerned with the perfect wedding or a successful marriage?  Do we rush to walk across the alter to please the crowd?  And why do so many feel that marriage is the ultimate outcome to a successful relationship?  Could the same results be reached just dating?  Well gives 10 reasons why men should never get married.  Do you agree?

“Think about the person you were a few years ago. Now think back a few years before that, and consider how different it seems from life now. Now ponder the person you will be 10 years from now; you’re likely slightly similar but with many new tastes, feelings, emotions, and at a much different place in life. Is it really possible to think, or want, another human to come along for that crazy ride? No more risks, no more weekend trips to anywhere and all that compromise, money wasted and lack of sex for the rest of your days on earth. Until death do you part. You may now kiss the bride. Hopefully it’s “goodbye.””  

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